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Wow how lucky are we!

4CTYE has agreed to extend their commitment with the NCHA not only for the 2022 4CYTE Autumn Spectacular but also have added naming rights for the NCHA Futurity, coming up in Tamworth NSW 30 May – 12 June.
Our largest annual show has been featured for many years, almost as long as the association has existed, as we celebrate 50 years of Cutting in Australia, this year. For 2022, your NCHA stepped up by elevating the Legendary Glory of winner the Futurity, by putting a $100,000.00 payout to the 3yo Open Winner.

The 4CYTE FUTURITY LEGENDS is our premier cutting show where the NCHA crowns all the best horses and riders across many classes & divisions, including the $100,000.00 3yo Open, Open Non-Pro, Limited Open, Limited Non-Pro, Snafflebit, Non-Pro Snafflebit and yes the canine Cow Dog Futurity.

2022 4CYTE FUTURITY LEGENDS, that win any of the range of classes will be the new legends of the future. Each winning horse and rider, along with reserve champions, finalists and other entrants will have the opportunity to build their cutting career from there. Following the individual progress of horses and riders, beyond the futurities, through Derby’s, Classic’s and overall career is rewarding and an integral part of the sport.

Interpath Global, parent company of 4CYTE, is a pioneering Australian joint health company specialising in the research and development of advanced, scientifically proven products. To ensure you, your horse or dog are getting every chance to succeed throughout life, will be dependent on multiple elements, including but not limited to consideration of products available through the 4CYTE.

4CYTE signature range, is developed for people and animals, represents a breakthrough in the treatment of joint injury and degenerative diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Bringing together patented, premium quality natural ingredients with the latest in molecular and cellular biology techniques, Interpath products work towards repairing and restoring damaged joints, and actively maintaining joint health.

The regenerative power of their exclusive active ingredient, EPIITALIS®, is a game-changer within the joint health industry which, in the past, often limited its focus to pain relief and symptom management.

As leaders in joint health, their dedication to evolving the science of this field is ongoing. The team at 4CYTE are deeply proud of the trust their customers place in their company to guide them on the path of leading happier, healthier and more active lives.

For more information visit: https://interpath.global/
4CYTE also sponsors many of our Pro Competitors and want to remain active with our Cutting Community for many years to come.

Please join me in our expression of appreciation for the support that Interpath is presenting to the NCHA show community and annual Futurity now called the 2022 4CYTE FUTURITY LEGENDS.

Yours in Cutting,
JP Chevalier, NCHA General Manager