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Dear NCHA Members,

The Board and the NCHA Team are working towards and very hopeful to deliver the 2021 NCHA 4CYTE Futurity. While things are currently looking favourable, it is also becoming evident that emerging modelling would indicate it may become a requirement under the NSW Public Health Order to be double vaccinated to attend events and mass gatherings in NSW.

Such a requirement may be dictated by the NSW State Government, rather than being venue-specific, and in this circumstance the NCHA will be in a position where we will have no choice but to follow these requirements in order to stage the Futurity. We would like to highlight to our members, competitors, trainers, owners and industry supporters that this requirement may possibly come into effect and those who are willing to get vaccinated and hopeful to attend the 2021 NCHA 4Cyte Futurity may seek to get fully vaccinated as swiftly as possible, as we are now just 9 weeks out from the Futurity’s planned start date of 24th November 2021.

It is reassuring to see roadmaps to more freedoms being released by State Governments and we hope to see further improvements and clarity as we get closer to the new 2021 NCHA 4CYTE Futurity dates. A decision regarding a clear path forward for the 2021 NCHA 4CYTE Futurity will be publicised on 19th October, 2021 in an effort to provide adequate lead time and assist people with their forward planning.

We’d like to thank all competitors and owners once again for their ongoing support of NCHA major shows.

The NCHA Board