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Vero Voting has been appointed as the Independent Returning Officer for the upcoming NCHA Board of Directors Election.  As five (5) nominations were received, exceeding the three (3) positions available, a ballot is required.  All current financial NCHA members will receive an email from Vero tomorrow, Tuesday 7th February at 3pm, explaining the voting process. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email. If you don’t have an email address, you will be sent a paper ballot.  The candidates that have nominated for the Board of Directors positions, in random order, are; Mr Jackson Gray, Mrs Lori Mackay, Mrs Jacqui Gidley-Baird, Mr Baden Crittle and Mr Rafe Ritchie.  Each candidates biography is also available in the Vero Voting portal.  Please take the time to read about the candidates and vote for who you think would best represent you.  Voting will commence at 3pm AEDT on Tuesday 7th February, and close at 3pm AEDT Sunday 5th March 2023.  No votes can be accepted after this time.