NCHA Board Statement Aged Events Program

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The Board has endeavoured to consider all available information, projections and feedback and in the interest of providing as much certainty as is practical, we would like to present the following options to our current 2020 financial NCHA members.

Part 1 – Trial new timings for Major Show Schedule for 2021 and 2022

  • The NCHA Futurity show is confirmed to run July 27- Aug 7th 2021, at AELEC –Tamworth. These were the available dates that best addressed financial sustainability, cattle supply and venue availability.
  • The NCHA will attempt to run an Aged Event show in March 2021 to award the 2020 NCHA titles (TBC)
  • For 2020 show horses, St. George, Goondiwindi and Comet Futurities may run over April to June 2021 period (TBC)
  • The Victoria Futurity will stay in late Sept 2021 (TBC)
  • NCHA National Finals dates (TBC)
  • For all 2021 show horses Other Aged Event Shows in Qld will run from April 2022 until June 31st 2022 (TBC)

**The trial show schedule will be reviewed prior to locking down any 2022 dates

Part 2. – Proposed 2021 trial adjustment to classification of Aged Event horses

  • The NCHA Futurity in July/August 2021 will be considered as the first show of a Futurity horse’s aged event career. To be eligible for the NCHA Futurity a horse cannot be shown in any cutting contest prior to the NCHA Futurity. The aged event year for 2020 show horses will finish at the last NCHA approved show prior to the commencement of the NCHA Futurity in July 2021. For example a 2020 Futurity, Derby, Classic or Challenge horse will stay eligible in those categories until the 2021 NCHA Futurity show.
  • We are also adding an extra year for aged event horses by separating the Classic and Challenge into two categories.
  • To encourage new competitors and allow an opportunity to gain show experience, we propose that 2021 Snaffle Bit Futurity entrants may be shown prior in regular Snaffle Bit classes (other than aged event classes) from April 1st 2021.
  • A feature COVID19 Derby event will be held at the 2021 NCHA Futurity show in recognition of the disruption and havoc that has been 2020. Details TBC.


  1. Whilst we cannot be absolutely certain of anything, this timing will hopefully provide sufficient leeway to ensure the COVID19 situation has stabilised and the NCHA Futurity show can be run as close to normal as possible.
  2. Allows more time for Futurity horses to mature and spreads the aged event calendar over a much longer period which provides more opportunities for rest and freshening up.
  3. Provides an opportunity to test and evaluate the commercial impacts on the industry of lengthening the overall training time, prior to first showing.
  4. It will add an extra year to the aged event program and hopefully an incentive to keep more good horses (and competitors) in Cutting.
  5. Allows sufficient time for horses to return for breeding season and provide sufficient rest before the start of the following show year.

As a financial member we welcome your feedback and ideas but please use the appropriate process and channels to do so. This is a difficult and emotional time so we please ask that all discussion remains open minded, constructive and respectful.

Please email your feedback in writing to Tim Heath, email address:

Or post to: PO Box 3098 West Tamworth NSW 2340