NCHA Charity Money Allocation

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NCHA Charity Money Allocation

To All NCHA Members
At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, Australia’s east coast suffered the worst bushfires in our history. Bushfires that impacted many regional areas that included members and supporters of the Cutting industry.

The American Cutting industry acknowledged this and approached us to provide support for Cutting Industry members who were impacted, where they commenced a fundraising drive that raised in excess of $10,000.

At the time the NCHA Board determined that our annual Charity fundraising effort which would conclude at the NCHA Futurity, would go to this cause.  With the cancellation of the Futurity we will now circulate these generous funds from the USA Cutting fraternity.

The NCHA Board is seeking members or previous members who have suffered hardship and been impacted by this catastrophe. We ask that you write to the Tim Heath, General Manager of the NCHA, providing a brief outline of how you have been impacted, and consideration for financial support.

The NCHA Board will then review all applications and provide support where it is most needed.

All correspondence will be kept confidential, and if you please send your request to by the 7th December 2020: Tim Heath, NCHA General Manager, or PO Box 3098, West Tamworth NSW 2340