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22 April 2022

Dear NCHA Members,

This notification is to advise you of important updates associated to our NCHA administrative office and operational activity.

As your NCHA President and Vice President, it is with mixed emotions; we announce that JP Chevalier, our General Manager will be leaving his position today Friday 22 April and will be moving on for personal reasons.

In short, JP felt it was time to reunite with his wife Sarah, at his home in South Australia, were he found employment nearby which needed to be accepted immediately. May we ask that our membership understand that moving to NSW was not possible under the current circumstances, although JP would have made the move if he could.

Subsequently please be advised, JP will remain committed to the NCHA by indirectly supporting us and will volunteer his time to help us through the immediate future.

For your knowledge here is how we have set up leadership of the staff and operations of the NCHA;

• Troy and Jackson as President and VP, will lead all NCHA administrative staff and general activity until further notice.

• Life time member, Gail Ritchie, and former manager Bridie George will assist us with specific project activity, on a temporary contract basis, to support the administration team that consists of Tanya in Finance, Kristin, Maddy and Morgan who are looking after general affiliate and member activity, including preparations for the Futurity.

• Peter Schmack will be responsible for the operations of the Futurity. Please direct all matters associated to the 2022 Futurity through Peter.

• Nadean McKenna continues as Futurity show secretary and will now report to Peter.

Thank you for supporting this temporary solution and stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

In the meantime, please join us in congratulating JP Chevalier’s opportunity in South Australia and thanking him for his outstanding efforts over the past 6 months. We will miss him.